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APA Essay Templates

Review the following templates to support your APA writing:

APA Format Essay Template

APA Format Essay with Headings Template

Bibliography Help

Visit the links below for more help with writing your bibliography. 



Google Docs

There is a references tool built into Google Docs. To access, click Tools>Citations and add the information from your resource.

Microsoft Word

There is a references tool built into Microsoft Word. To access, click the References tab at the top. 


Grammarly is a free application that checks Grammar and makes simple suggestions to support your writing. They also have a paid version that includes a ton of extra writing suggestions. 


Visit the following links for help with research. 

Google Scholar

APU Library

Skills for Success Webinars

Review the following videos to learn more about how you can be successful at LAPU.

Skills for Success Seminars


Tutor.com (requires login to  LAPU COURSES) is a service provided to students of Los Angeles Pacific University. 

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View Tutor.com's Writing Center for additional tips and tricks.