Research Help

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Incorporating research into your essay can help you back up your claims and support your ideas. However, you should strive to include research that is credible, and that has been peer reviewed. Review the sections below to learn more about how you can locate and incorporate credible research into your writing.

This is a Google search engine for articles and legal cases. You may be able to find resources for free on this site. 

You are able to search for articles, books, and other media in the APU library. 

This website provides in-depth walkthroughs of APA formatting topics. 

Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

This video provides a tutorial to help you find full text peer-reviewed articles in the library. 

What Makes a Credible Source?

Generally, if a paper or article has been peer-reviewed and published in a reputable journal within the last five years, it should be considered credible. There are always exceptions. You must critically analyze the validity and credibility of a source before you decide to include it in your paper.