Avoiding Plagiarism

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How You Can Avoid Plagiarism

Note: The Student Plagiarism Self Checker is available only to current registered LAPU students.

Remember: the Plagiarism Self Checker is a tool to help you avoid plagiarism. No tool is perfect, and the Plagiarism Self Checker may not catch everything. You are responsible for properly summarizing and giving credit to the authors of any ideas that are not your own. 

Report F.A.Q.

Try out the Student Plagiarism Self-Checker

Allow 5-10 minutes for your score to appear.

You can resubmit your document as many times as you need till the deadline to refine your writing!

Properly cited content is still flagged as similar, though appropriate, you can also rewrite content in your own words to remove the flags. 

How To Read Your Similarity Report

Explore the Similarity Guide to learn more about how to read your report!

Viewing the Similarity Report

Interpreting the Similarity Score

IMPORTANT: The similarity percentage generally appears within 5-10 minutes after submission. However, depending on system demand, it may take up to 24 hours. Please wait at least 24 hours before contacting our support partner athttps://techsupport.lapu.edu. 

LAPU's Academic Integrity Policies

Did you know that LAPU has specific policies about academic integrity? You can review them on the Academic Integrity page of the Course Catalog.